What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like

July 11, 2017Food Tips Standard

Human beings are in the habit of consuming fish for many centuries which offer a wide variety of nutrients required to develop our mental as well as physical health. Although many of us are acquainted with the taste of the common fish available on the market, including salmon or tuna, we are not aware of the exact taste of some less common fish out there. In this article, we will throw some light on the taste of one such uncommon fish known as Mahi Mahi.

What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like

What Is Mahi Mahi?

This type of fish which is also referred to as dorado or dolphinfish is usually found in the tropical regions. In fact, they are primarily found in Hawaii. The term “Mahi Mahi” happens to be Hawaiian and it means strong. It refers to the strength of this fish which is often noticed in the water swimming together with the dolphins. Mahi Mahi is reputed for having vibrant colors like green, blue and yellow. Being a sustainable fish, it is served in quite a few restaurants at present.

What Exactly Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like?

What Exactly Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like

As mentioned before, it is the most preferred fish in Hawaii and individuals like it because of its distinct flavor. It is possible to cook this fish in quite a few ways which will definitely affect its specific flavor profile.

The two words which can describe the taste of Mahi Mahi happen to be sweet and mild. If you consume this fish, you will find that it is not wrong to describe the taste in that way. At least, the local inhabitants of Hawaii think so.

The flesh of this particular fish is quite firm from where the majority of the flavors actually come from. On the contrary, the skin is quite thin as well as flaky and therefore it is important to be meticulous when the fish is being cooked. In other words, you should handle the skin very cautiously since it is as flavorful as its flesh.

The flavor of this particular fish is quite strong and more recognizable as compared to the mild whitefish. However, one must not forget that its taste will depend to a great extent on the way it is being cooked.


So what exactly is the taste of Mahi Mahi? Here we will try to recapitulate on the information that we have mentioned before:

  1. Mahi Mahi, which is also referred to as dorado or dolphinfish, is the favorite fish of Hawaii. It is quite strong and this can be depicted by the fact that it can swim very swiftly along with the dolphins.
  2. Its taste is actually sweet and mild and is somewhat stronger than that of whitefish.
  3. Its flavor will depend to a great extent on the way it is being cooked. It is also vital to handle and cook the fish properly.
  4. Apart from being scrumptious, Mahi Mahi is also very healthy since it is an excellent source of iron, protein, selenium, B vitamins and so on.

Here would like to mention some tips regarding the handling and storage of Mahi Mahi:

  1. You will not come across many bones in this particular fish and they tend to be quite large as well as long.
  2. You can easily store fresh Mahi Mahi in the coldest part of the fridge for up to 3 to 4 days. But you must take care to wrap it tightly.
  3. In case it is wrapped and bagged properly, Mahi Mahi is going to freeze rather well and will keep for quite a few months.


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