What Does Buttermilk Taste Like

July 5, 2017Food Tips Standard

What Is Buttermilk?

By the term buttermilk we mean the liquid which remains after the butter is processed and this is known as churning. We call this type of buttermilk “traditional buttermilk” which is quite common in Nepal, India as well as Pakistan. Being low in calories and fat, buttermilk is quite healthy for our bones as well. In fact, it is much healthier as compared to any soft drink or aerated drink on the market.

What Does Buttermilk Taste Like

How Is Buttermilk Made?

Traditional Buttermilk

We produce traditional buttermilk by churning butter. There are three major steps in the whole process:

  1. After placing some fresh milk in a large container it is left like that for several days so that it gets sufficient time for the milk and the cream to get separated.
  2. After the process is complete, we take out the cream and then churn it using a plunger.
  3. After the churning is finished, it will be possible for you to enjoy both butter as well as buttermilk.

Cultured Buttermilk

It is easier to produce cultured buttermilk since lactic acid bacteria is being added to the milk. As a matter of fact, this culturing technique is being applied by all commercially available buttermilk at present.

What Does Buttermilk Taste Like?

In spite of the fact that buttermilk helps to make other items taste really good, it does not taste that great on its own. Nevertheless, you will come across many individuals who like to enjoy it directly from the bottle. There is no doubt about the fact that different individuals have different preferences and therefore the taste of buttermilk is also going to vary.

In general, the milk will taste sour to most of the individuals. Since store-bought buttermilk is actually manufactured from milk, it does not have that sweetness as you might have expected. Instead, according to some individuals, the taste is quite bitter with a bit of thickness to its texture. It is sometimes even compared to a toned down low-fat yogurt that is perfectly drinkable.

Here we have tested out 2 different brands of buttermilk:

Here we have tested out 2 different brands of buttermilk


This brand is from Paris in France. Its intention was to penetrate not only the European market but also the Asian, American, African and Pacific markets. When it comes to taste, the Danone buttermilk is not that balanced at all. Its taste is like that of yogurt with plenty of water added to it.


Similar to the aforementioned Danone, Nestlé happens to be an international brand which has tested success in reaching the markets of different continents on the planet.

In spite of the fact that the company is quite reputed for its awesome products, there is a lot to be expected when it comes to its buttermilk. As a matter of fact, the flavor is not that balanced and it also does not taste naturally fresh. Its smell and taste is something like that of yogurt which has become bad and therefore many first-time users do not prefer consuming Nestlé buttermilk.

How Buttermilk Tastes Different From Milk?

When compared with pasteurized milk, the appearance of buttermilk is much denser and thicker. While pasteurized milk’s quite tasty, buttermilk actually tastes a bit bitter as well as tangy. However, it is much easier to digest buttermilk since it is already fermented.

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