A Brief Review Of The Best 3 Juicers For Less Than $50

July 21, 2017Drinks Standard

In case you are following a juice diet, your main emphasis must be on what particular fruits to consume in order to shed pounds. Apart from this, you must also consider purchasing a properly functioning juicer and it will be even better if you can come across any such product at an inexpensive rate. In the following paragraphs, we will mention some awesome juicers on the market which are available under $50. It must be rather surprising for you that how it is possible to get a juicer at such a low price.

At this point, you must realize the fact that you won’t get a top quality juicer on the market at this price. You must have gone through quite a few juicer reviews including some unbiased centrifugal as well as masticating juicer reviews and this particular article is not going to disappoint you.
Here are the top three competent juicers out there under $ 50.

1. Hamilton Beach 67601

Hamilton Beach 67601

You can easily consider this particular juicer to be the best you can get for less than 50 dollars. There are several reasons for that and the most important among them is that it helps you to fit entire vegetables and fruits into the machine which can help you save lots of extra time which would otherwise have been spent for slicing up the fruits. As a matter of fact, the Hamilton Beach 67601 has managed to receive a rating of four out of five on Amazon.com.

Also, the juicer comes with a robust 800-watt engine which helps to extract a significant amount of juice from even the thickest vegetable or fruit which is placed inside the juicer. You will likewise come across a very large bin which will collect the pulp so that it is possible to use it for an extended period of time without the unit getting clogged. You can even remove each and every component of the juicer which will facilitate the cleaning process.

2. Brentwood JC-500

Brentwood JC-500

The revolutionary JC-500 is a very powerful product manufactured by Brentwood. It can boast of a highly efficient 800-watt engine which you can operate at different speeds so that it is possible to accommodate both hard as well as soft produce for optimum extraction of juice.

Moreover, this unit also includes an innovative 3.5-inch wide chute which will allow you to place a significant amount of vegetables and fruits into the juicer, thus helping you save a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent on pre-cutting.

Other features include:

  1. It is possible to switch on the juicer as soon as the safety lock is in the proper position.
  2. The blade is made from stainless steel.
  3. The product also includes a cutting edge juice pitcher.
    However, you’ll come across one drawback with the JC-500 and this is that the pulp tends to be a bit watery. This problem can be eliminated by running the pulp once more into the juicer although it will consume some time.

The weight of the product is 9.7 pounds and measurement happens to be 16.4 x 13.2 x 9.4 inches.

3. BLACK+DECKER JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor

BLACK+DECKER JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor

As compared to the previously mentioned Brentwood JC-500, this one is somewhat less powerful. This is depicted by the 400-watt engine and only a single speed setting. Among the positive aspects of the JE2200B, the most significant is its integrated pulp container which will definitely help to save some space within your kitchen. Another important highlight of this unit is that all the components are dishwasher safe.

Apart from obtaining as many as 3000 reviews, the JE2200B also has managed to achieve the best seller rating for various categories on Amazon.com. Among the major drawbacks of this unit, mention may be made of the following:

  1. The chute that comes along with this product is rather small.
  2. The pitcher has a capacity of just 300 ml. For this reason, it is possible to juice only a bit at a time rather than everything at one go. Also, it results in the consumption of a significant amount of time.
  3. It is not possible to properly extract some vegetables like spinach and kale because of the slow speed.
    Its weight is 7 pounds and is measurement happens to be 13 x 9.2 x 13.1 inches. Besides this, the company also provides you with a two-year limited warranty.


In case you would like to have some more information regarding juicers, particularly the masticating juicers, it will be a smart idea to visit Kitchentoolexpert.com a plethora of information on the relevant topic. Take adequate precautions and perform research before purchasing the ideal juicer for your personal needs.

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