4 Of The Most Popular Counter Depth Refrigerators Out There

August 9, 2017Kitchen Gadgets Standard

In case you’re looking for the best counter depth refrigerator, you are at the right place. These types of refrigerators have become extremely popular at present since they provide your kitchen with a sleeker appearance of an inbuilt fridge at an inexpensive rate. With the passage of time these refrigerators have become increasingly popular and right now a plethora of styles and designs are available on the market.

Best counter depth refrigerator for the money

In most cases, these types of refrigerators happen to be 36 inches wide but you’ll also find smaller fridges which are ideal for compact kitchens. They will also provide you with all the important features such as French doors, ice as well as water options in the door apart from the freezers at the bottom. They are also available in various heights which will be able to fit your kitchen flawlessly and in the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top counter depth refrigerators out there.

1. LG LFC21776STS


The most important features of this particular fridge are the innovative design of the French door as well as the freezer unit at the bottom. Moreover, here you will not come across any ice and water dispenser which might cause a distraction to the users. Having a fantastic storage capacity of 20.7 cubic feet, it is quite affordable for most of the consumers being available at only $1730 online.


  • Innovative interior design and nice heavy doors.
  • Alarm beeping notification functions well with the doors not closed fully and is not that much annoying.
  • Not much complication from the ice or water dispenser.
  • The ice maker does not make too much noise.


  • The glide N serve drawer is rather flimsy manufactured from plastic hinges and can also break easily.

2. Frigidaire DGHF2360PF

Frigidaire DGHF2360PF

This fridge will provide you with adequate storage space along with multi-LED illumination. It can also boast of a superb stainless steel layout having French doors. You will also come across an integrated water or ice dispenser which allows you to filter water or ice if required. This awesome Frigidaire DGHF2360PF helps to conserve energy and there is also an innovative freezer on the bottom.


  • Extremely spacious with a fantastic design.
  • Offers dual ice facility.
  • Colorful LED illumination.
  • Both freezer as well as fridge.


  • Not so decent ice maker.

3. Bosch B22CT80SNS

Bosch B22CT80SNS

This gorgeous looking French door refrigerator can boast of a fantastic interior design which will be adored by some individuals while some won’t. The shelving and the drawers are going to fit American packing rather well and it will also help to save the energy expenses since only a single door has to be opened to gain access to your food items. The refrigerator offers a storage capacity of just under 21 cubic feet and the shelving is also adjustable. It’s gallon door bins happen to be quite spacious for storing milk and other items and the freezer area at the bottom can boast of a 5.54 cubic feet capacity. Moreover, the simple to use temperature control also deserves special mention.


  • Contemporary European appearance both inside as well as outside.
  • The operation does not emit too much noise.
  • Quite affordable as compared to the design.
  • Provides alarm notification in case the door is not shut completely.


  • Shallow depth.
  • The illumination is not that bright and can also be blocked by the food items.
  • Some items which are placed at the top of the refrigerator might also freeze.

4. Fisher Paykel Active Smart RF170ADUSX4

Fisher Paykel Active Smart RF170ADUSX4

This revolutionary and hugely popular refrigerator can boast of innovative SmartTouch controls as well as flexible storage options which enable you to remain organized while streaming the preparation of food. The RX170ADUSX4 includes an astounding ActiveSmart system which helps to keep track of your daily usage and also adapts itself intelligently to remain balanced with the present climatic conditions. Personal customization is provided by the adjustable glass shelves even though the versatile humidity control enables your food items to remain in better condition.


  • Intelligent as well as classic layout.
  • Intelligent monitoring of the climate.
  • Provides the facility of customizing the shelves settings.
  • Ideal for a family with many members.


  • Tends to be quite noisy.

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